The Atlanta Botanical Garden us currently hosting an awesome outdoor exhibition of mosaiculture sculptures created in Canada by Mosaïcultures Internationales de Montréal (previously featured here). Mosaiculture, while similar to topiary, “is a refined horticultural art that involves creating and mounting living artworks made primarily from plants with colourful foliage (generally annuals, and occasionally perennials).”

"Each sculpture is a living, sophisticated evolution of the traditional ‘stuffed topiary technique," states the Garden. "Thousands of meticulously groomed annuals are planted into soil-and-sphagnum moss filled netting covering the steel forms – hidden works of artisanship themselves – to carpet the skeletons in colorful patterns. Complex irrigation systems beneath the surface of the sculptures allow the plants to grow – and the creatures to flourish – in Atlanta’s summer heat."

Entitled Imaginary Worlds, the exhibition features 28 living, growing sculptures, including an amazing pink unicorn and at least two different ape species (Less talk, more topiary monkeys!), and runs through October 2014.

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